Answers to Tree Removal Insurance Questions

Not all policies are the same. Not all people have your best interest at heart. Insurance can be confusing! If you are stressed out, you may not make the best decisions. We make the policy handling easy and know exactly what you are owed. If you pay $1 over your deductible, we can help you recoup that. We consistently complete insurance claims throughout the year, year after year, and want you to be assured that our experience will show through. Emergency Tree Service is familiar with every type of policy and has worked with all of the major home insurance companies. Each insurance company has a national hotline that you can call to obtain the most accurate information about your policy.

Insurance FAQs

What makes your company stand out from the rest?
  1. No Money Down! 
  2. Policy Limits In Simple Terms
  3. Complete Clean-up (No Stump Removal)
  4. Same Day Service In Most Cases
  5. We Send All Paperwork To Your Adjustor
  6. No Surprise Out Of Pocket Costs
  7. We Offer A $500 Unforeseen Discount If You Qualify. Please call for more details to see if you qualify.
How do I make a home insurance claim?

Call us at 269-501-2650 and we will help connect you with your insurance claims office where you can obtain the most accurate information about your claim.

What information do you need from me?
  1. Policy Holder’s Full Name
  2. Address
  3. Best Phone Number
  4. Insurance Company Name
  5. Policy # or Claim #
  6. Insurance Company Phone #
  7. Your Deductible Information#
Will you help with every step in my insurance claim process?

YES! Please call 269-501-2650 anytime day or night if you have any questions about your claims process.

How fast can you respond to my tree emergency?

Depending on the severity of the storms impact to the area, we can in most cases verify your policy coverages remove the tree or trees from your structure to prevent further damage and tarp the damaged area all in the same day. For the quickest response call or text 269-501-2650

What is my deductible?

Typically your deductible will be one of the following: $0, $250, $500, $1000. If your deductible is over $1000, it is important to have your policy reviewed in great detail due to the nuances in policy coverages and limits.

Questions we may ask: Does your policy cover multiple properties? Have you made a claim in the past? Does your policy include auto or life?


Ask about our

$500 Unforeseen Discount!!

What does your $500 unforeseen discount mean and do I qualify?

Call us and explain your tree situation and we will determine if you qualify for the $500 unforeseen discount.

What if I see a tree that has fallen on a home in my community?

We will give you a $100 tree referral bonus, if you alert us to a tree that has fallen and caused damage to someone’s home or property and is a paid insurance claim that we complete. Go out and enjoy the great outdoors for a potential hundred dollar walk, run or bike ride in your neighborhood today! Call us for more details 269-501-2650

How do I Contact You?

You can use the contact page on this site to request service, but for emergency tree services, you should call us for a much quicker response at 269-501-2650.

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