Emergency Tree Service offers full-service tree removal and storm debris cleanup services to homeowners throughout Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas. From emergency tree removal and tarping services, to insurance claim consulting and more, we will work closely with you to ensure you get the service you need to restore your property back to normal. Below you will find testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers. If you need emergency tree services for your property, call us immediately.

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This crew is quick, friendly and does a great job. James went above and beyond by helping us navigate through our insurance company’s hoops, he is very knowledgeable and honest.

Dana B.

A 25′ section of our huge white pine broke off due to its own weight and fell across and into our inground pool. James came to our house in the evening within an hour of my initial call. Seeing that the 18″ diameter base of the broken section was resting 12′ above our expensive pool fence, supported only by a small live branch, he immediately got on the job. Within an 90 minutes he had secured the precarious end with straps, cut up all of the 25′ in and over the pool and then had the dangerous section down and cut-up… all for a very fair price. His work likely saved $3000 in fence damage and certainly allowed me to sleep easily knowing the fence and our pool was safe.

Kurt L.

A large tree fell onto my garage roof during a storm. James came the next day to remove the tree. The work was very thorough. A tarp was put on the roof for protection until the roof could be repaired. All the small debris from the fallen tree was cleaned up as well. I highly recommend this service.

Don M.

James was so quick to respond. He removed the fallen tree from my property and even helped break some of the tree down for me to use as firewood. He also helped me pull my golden oyster mushrooms down from the section of tree still standing.

Ridgely D.

We had a tree split into multiple sections and fall on our garage as well as our neighbor’s. Some of the tree was still threatening to fall on our house. During a gap in the storm and between jobs James came out, within 30 minutes of our call, to give us an honest opinion of what we were dealing with. He explored every option available to him to pull the rest of the tree down safely for us before he went to his next job, whether we decided to use him or not. He explained multiple methods of payment due to the complexity of our situation. Timing didn’t line up this time but we will definitely keep him at the top of our list for future issues.

Ethan Y.

I had a large tree limb fall across the power lines to my house and on my roof. Consumers wouldn’t take care of it. When I called Emergency Tree Service and left a message, James returned my call almost immediately! He was extremely friendly, easy to work with and promptly came out and removed the limb at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend them.

Nancy P.

We had a couple trees come down during a storm. These guys were out here within a couple days of us calling. They were on time, professional, and they did a great job. They cleaned up everything, and even left us some “fire wood” neatly stacked in the corner.

Danielle M.

I had a tree fall into our yard, James came on a Sunday to take a look. Very professional, he works well with the insurance company. Did a great job removing tree and cleaning up! I would recommend this tree service.

Lynne B.

Called on a Sunday after a storm – Heard back via phone in an hour and came by to look at the job – Called me with an estimate that was reasonable – Needed the job done by Thursday afternoon – He did the job by Tuesday noon for the lower of the estimated price – Just found my new tree guy! Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Larry K.

The guys came out and got right to work, they did a great job, very polite and professional. If I ever have another tree come down, I know who to call, I highly recommend them.

Bob C.

Called back within minutes and came to see right away the tree making loud cracking sounds (after big storm) near our house. Price was very competitive for the work expected. Next morning he took the tree down in very narrow space, safely and confidently, 14 years of experience shows.
Thank you for prompt and good work.

Edita K.

James is a character! He loves and is excited by what he does and finds enjoyment in the little things. He came out to my house the same evening that I called him to check out what I was dealing with and told me he would be back the next day to get started on it. I had a large tree that had fallen in a windstorm and landed on my garage, my vehicle, and the power line going to the house. Consumers had already cut the line free but left the rest of it. James and crew showed up the next day and removed what they could, which was enough for the towing service to be able to access my crushed vehicle and haul it away. Before they left, James told me they would be back within five days to finish cutting the tree up and to clean it all up, and probably three days later I got home from a trip to the doctor and Meijer to find them in my driveway busy as bees cutting up branches and loading their trailer. As a HUGE added bonus, James will deal directly with your insurance company if the job is part of an insurance claim so that you don’t have to. And he won’t charge you a dime until the insurance company pays up. He has definitely helped to make the insurance process a lot smoother and lessen the worry and stress.

Dale C.

Came out immediately and billed me. I couldn’t have asked for a quicker and more reasonable response. The price was right and they even did a little landscaping and pulled some big weeds up that had grown. I give them a 5 star rating, easy. One of the most straight forward and easy going businesses that I have ever done business with. Great work, great price, great customer service.

Darryl K.

I used emergency tree service to take care of very large tree limb that came down due to a storm that took out my deck, fence and few shingles on the roof. Not fun times at all. I also needed to have few additional limbs cut that were broken but hadn’t come down yet and could have caused more damage to my home. James and his team were able to get to my home and clean up the fallen tree in a matter of a few minutes. I’m talking crazy fast. James also took the time to show me the other limbs that needed to come down, and after I left he found some additional things that needed to be taken care of and for those done for me as well. I was so impressed with all the knowledge James had and that he took the time to walk me through the process and giving some helpful advice. This has been a trying process at a rental home in Kalamazoo that I needed to get back to safe working order for my tenants and James stepped up to plate and hit a home run.

Lisa E.

We had a very large tree fall on our home, and cause extensive damage. Emergency Tree Service was prompt and respectful of our property. The job was done right and James and his crew were a pleasure to work with.

Paul T.

Emergency Tree Service was prompt, courteous, and did excellent work. I had a large tree branch break over the night and was still attached about 20 ft. above the ground. I called at 10am and the tree branch was safely down that afternoon. We had to go out of town the next day and was a relief they came. The next day they removed the tree with zero signs of it every laying on the ground. They took pictures for me since I was gone for an update.

Todd H.

James was great! As soon as I called to have an estimate on some branches that had fallen on the house he responded right away and came by the house. The price was great and he took care of everything within the next day.

Justine S.

Came out extremely quickly, about 1 hour from first call. He was able to take down my leaning tree immediately, no waiting around, not future scheduling for my in danger of falling tree. Got it down quickly and safely. Very pleasant and professional demeanor. All around great experience. 100% I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.

Hannah G.

We had a tree fall onto our roof, randomly one afternoon. We needed to get it off ASAP. We called several places all to busy to deal with our situation on short notice. Emergency Tree Service answered and was able to come out within the hour to at least look at it. He arrived assessed the situation, and was able to get it done that same day. Awesome job and would use again.

Matthew Z.

We contacted James on a Sunday about a tree that fell on our home. Within 1 hour James had contacted us back and gave us a very fair price to remove the tree from our roof and the remainder of the tree from our yard. James and his team came the very next day and did an EXCELLENT job. They were professional, quick, and efficient. Their clean-up left us with nothing to do, which was very much appreciated! James is very knowledgeable of his trade and also helpful with insurance claims. We will use James and his team for any further tree removal needed on our property.

Jessica M.

After a storm we had a big tree blocking the drive and laying on the main power line that feeds the house. James was there within the hour. He skillfully cut down the tree so that with each cut less and less weight was on the power line. He quickly and safely had the tree down. He cleaned up and was on his way. All the time he was professional and communicated what he was going to do. I feared we would be locked in or without power for days. He made it easy. I most highly recommend Emergency Tree Service.

Tom S.

After the last storm I had a tree with several branches that needed to be removed before they caused further damage to my home and property. I left a message with this company and was called back immediately by James, who scheduled an appointment to come and make an estimate within hours and if I liked the price he could do the work the same day!
The price was good and he and his crew had the work completed and my yard cleaned up within a couple hours of arriving.
They were professional and very expedient–being careful not to damage my flower beds which were directly under the tree.
I highly recommend this company.

Sue M.

A tree fell on our home after being struck by lighting. Not only were they prompt, but extremely professional. James responded immediately and was here the following morning to remove the tree. They handled everything directly through my insurance company making the process of dealing with an extremely daunting situation that much less stressful.

Caleb E.

Tree fell on the house, called them and they came out within the hour. Removed tree from house, highly recommend.

Nancy K.

James and his crew did an excellent job after a huge limb landed on my brother’ roof. There were numerous other large branches that had previously fallen, which he also cleaned up. He had good recommendations for trimming some other large branches that were over the house and extremely low hanging ones in the yard that impede someone trying to walk under them. Those were also taken of. He was very polite and I highly recommend his company.

John K.

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